FM radio stations usually give you good music. Sometimes at the end of a particular music or a particular program, they will say something like “Dont move that dial” or “Stay tunned”. This can help us to understand our readings and feast of today. In celebrating the feast of St. Matthias, we have to go back to what happened before the crucifixion of Jesus. The disciples had declared loyalty for Jesus. But before you know it, Judas betrays Him, Peter denies Him, the other disciples deserts Him, etc. After His resurrection, He brought back the friendship between them. He already forgave them on the cross. Judas despaired and killed himself. But knowing who Jesus is, he could have stayed and asked for forgiveness. Why did he move the dial? He thought the music is over and there is nothing more for him. Hey Judas, dont move the dial!!! But he already did. I hope his despair is not eternal.

In today’s First Reading, we see Peter, a man who, in spite of having denied Jesus three times refused to move the dial. He stayed and asked for forgivenss and was forgiven. Now they have to elect another apostle to maintain the number of apostles. What creiteria did they use in the nominations. Peter said they should look for one of the men who accompanied them the whole time Jesus was with them, beginning from the baptism of John until the ascension of the Lord. In other words, they nominated two men who did not move the dial, who stayed and kept on carrying on. Well, of the two, the Lord chose Matthias.

Jesus in the Gospel tells us not to move the dial. He tells us to abide in His love. When all is going well, it is easy to stay on the Jesus channel. But the wind of life blows at one point or another and we begin to think the music is over, and we want to detach from Jesus and attach ourselves to the world. We often think that love is about being attached to people. We feel that being attached is a proof that we love the person we are attached to. Jesus tells us that true love consists in being prepared to die for the one we love. This kind of love we see in Jesus who died to save us. That is what true love is all about. It is a sacrificial love. It is the love of the one who stays on the channel no matter what. It is not a fair weather friendship, where we stay as long as things are going our way. This is the kind of love that Matthias himself lived by being killed himself for the sake of Christ. Indeed he stayed till the very end. Let our love not just be intense, but consistent. This is the kind of love that married couple promise to each other when they promise to be with each other for better and for worse. My brother, my sister, you are now listening to the Jesus FM! Stay tunned!! Dont move that dial!!!

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