I like doing lectio divina because, more often than not, it enables me to see something in the readings that it is very easy to miss. It is also good to do it with other people because sometimes when you miss something, the other persons are not likely to miss it also. Someone said that the reason why two heads are better than one is not because any of the heads is infallible, but because it is unlikely for both heads to go wrong in the same direction. One thing that can easily be missed, which someone drew my attention to this morning is the part in the gospel where it says that Jesus showed himself under another form to two of them as they were on their way into the country. It gives the impression that Jesus revealed himself to people after his resurrection in different forms; at least two different forms are mentioned.

After the resurrection, it was difficult for the disciples to recognise him. This is understandable when we consider the fact that He could not have risen to the same form of life that He lived before His death. We can liken this to a person who has suffered a lot in life and suddenly things becomes better for him. When you see him again, you may struggle to recognise him. Jesus, after the resurrection appears in his glory and it is this glorious and resurrected body that is difficult to recognise. Nonetheless, even when a person has had a make-over, something about him will still make it possible for him to be recognised. There were times when the people recognised Jesus after He spoke to them. There are times when they recognised him after He broke the bread. Something about Him still makes them know it is Him.

Today, Jesus still reveals Himself to us in different forms. He reveals Himself to us in the scriptures. Jesus is the Word made Flesh. This word is not just what we hear, but it is something we have to proclaim. In our proclamation of the word, Jesus will use us to reveal Himself to the world. This is why we cannot hear the word and keep quiet. After the resurrection, each person who encountered Christ cannot keep quiet. It is not possible to encounter Christ and keep quiet about it. We recognise Jesus in the poor. We recognise Him in the priest. We recognise Him in the gathered asssembly. And of utmost importance is that we recognise Him in the Eucharist. These are the forms by which Jesus continues to reveal Himself to us. We should open our eyes of faith and recognise Him. If we do, then we are invited to invite others to this encounter.

Those who read at mass are often called Readers. They can also be called lectors. But a term that really brings to light their function is when they are called ‘Proclaimers’. They are not just to read or stand at the lectern. They are to proclaim. Reading comes from the head. But proclamation comes from the head, the heart and the gut. We all are invited not just to encounter Christ. We cannot encounter Christ and go to bed. The readings of the resurrection gives you the impression that everyone was just running around. Yes, how can you see Him and just walk slowly home. We will proclaim, not just by our words, but most importantly by our way of life. This is one important way we also reveal Christ to the world. Yes, He comes to us in different forms.

2 thoughts on “EASTER SATURDAY

  1. Indeed I was once shy to share in our faithsharing gatherings because I thought I might say something wrong but as we went on I got the courage to share because everyone read it differently and share their feelings so does a Priest in his homily thank God for priests and friends Blessings


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