It is very good to ask questions. I started writing blogs as a way of sharing my daily reflections with family and close friends. I am not a regular blogger in the sense that I do not display my blogs on social media and I do not look for followers. Another advantage I see in writing blogs is that it could give me an opportunity to interact with those who read them. I receive comments of people who tell me how good the blogs are, and I appreciate them. But one thing I do not get is people asking questions. Do not be afraid to ask questions and do not think I will be angry if you ask a question. Asking a question will help you to understand better what you have read and sometimes it is to my own advantage as well. Moreover, your question does not have to be related to the blog you have read. It can be on anything concerning our christian faith and practices. If it is something really personal, then you can contact me privately. Otherwise, you may ask openly so that others can read as well.

Sometime ago, I introduced a friend to the divine office, and from praying the divine office, she asked me what a canticle is. I knew what a canticle is, but I had to find a way of explaining it to her. This made me to research more on the matter and I remember answering that question on a blog. After that, I decided to write blogs on a few canticles. I thought the canticles are few, until I made a discovery about psalms and canticles.

I have discovered that at all the morning prayers, there are two psalms and one canticle, following the order: Psalm-Canticle-Psalm. The canticle of today’s morning prayer is from Isaiah 26. The morning prayer canticles are usually from the Old Testament. I also discovered that for evening prayers there are also two psalms and one canticle following the order: Psalm-Psalm-Canticle, and the canticles for evening prayer are usually from the New Testament. Of course there is also the Benedictus in the Morning, Magnificat in the evening and Nunc Dimittis for Night Prayer, all from the gospel of Luke Chapters 1 and 2.

This is my discovery and I thank my friend who asked me the question which led to this discovery. I also encourage others to ask questions. Your question may benefit other people, including myself. Many people believe that if you are asking a question, it means you are ignorant, and that is true. But when has ignorance become a sin? No matter what you know, what you don’t know will always be more. I hope to learn a lot from you as much as you learn from me. Sometimes, your questions can help me discover my mistakes and learn from them. So, keep asking and let us keep learning and discovering more things about our faith. My newest discovery is that there are more canticles than I thought. Let everything that lives and that breathes give praise to the Lord.


  1. Thank u for the opportunity to ask questions I hope it don’t sound stupid 1: Is it wrong to ask God if He needs u to do something when he showers u with Blessings at times? Please note I rectified my email address previously left out the 1 after my name


    1. There is nothing wrong with asking God if He needs you to do something for Him. However, it is important to know that technically speaking, we cannot really do anything for God, because God has no needs in the way we do. The way to do something for God is by doing something for His children who are less fortunate than yourself. God will not answer that question from the skies, but when you look around you, you will see. Jesus said that whatever you do for the least of His brother, you have done it for Him (Matthew 25::40). We believe that doing something for the church, or for a priest, is doing something for God. This is because Jesus Himself said ‘Whoever welcomes the one I have sent, welcomes me, and who ever welcomes me, welcomes the one who sent me (Matthew 10:40). However, this passage has also been used by dishonest ministers to exploit people. It is always good to do something for the church and for ministers of the church. If God has done something good for you and you want to do something good for Him, you just have to look around and you will see someone through whom you can do something for God. Jesus said, ‘The poor will always be with you’ (Matthew 26:11, Deut. 15:11). I hope I answered your question.


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