The killing of one human being by another started as early as Cain killing Abel. Since then, the history of human beings has been marked by constant bloodshed. In fact, I do not know of any other creatures of God who kill each other as much human beings do. Generally speaking, people kill other people in order to protect their own lives, or their interests. Herod was not different. He felt threatened by the birth of Jesus because he heard Jesus is a king and he felt Jesus would take over his position. So, because he was not sure who Jesus was, he decided to kill all the children within the age of Jesus, with the hope that Jesus would be one of them. But God is great. Jesus was in Egypt.

In our first reading, we are told that nobody can say he/she has no sin and anybody who claims to be sinless is  calling God a liar. St. Paul tells us to stop sinning and to embrace the light of Christ. It is the blood of Jesus that washes our sins away, but before then, the blood of these innocent children protected Jesus from an untimely death. The innocent children may not know what they have done, but they have shed their blood for the sake of the one whose blood sets us free.

Today, the killing of innocent children continues. One way we kill innocent children is by bringing them into the world without taking proper responsibility for them. This way, the children are already messed up from childhood. But what is worse than that is the terrible sin of abortion, which many people refer to as just flushing out the fetus or getting rid of an unwanted thing in the womb. We can call it whatever we want, but this is the killing of a human being. Many people do this because they say they have no money to take care of the baby. Others do it because they want to be free to focus on other things. But there is no good reason to kill an innocent child. So stop it, and stop it now. What would have happened if Herod had killed Jesus as an infant? Those children that have been killed, who knows what each of them was meant to have become. This is why the gospel tells us of Rachel weeping and refusing to be comforted. Whatever we do, let us protect our little ones. Some adults have destroyed the lives of children by abusing them, verbally, sexually, psychologically, emotionally, etc. Every form of abuse is a murder. So, it is enough to say ‘Stop abortion, stop the neglect, stop the abuse’. The lives of children is precious and we should all protect them.

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