I don’t think I have ever invented something and I have never desired to invent anything. But in my Lover’s Beloved identity, I have tried to imagine a word that captures our relationship with God, at least what our relationship with God should be. Usually when a man is in love with a woman, we speak of a romantic relationship. In recent years, a word has been developed to describe an intimate relationship between two men and it is called bromantic relationship. This is especially true when those two men are brothers. This word has nothing to do with a homosexual relationship. Bearing this in mind, I have come up with a new word, which describes the intimate relationship to which God is calling all of us. That word is ‘deomantic’, so-called because ‘deo’ is God.

Bear this in mind when you read the first reading of today, from Song of Songs. It is a song of a lover speaking about His beloved. The Lover describes the leaping of His beloved on the mountains. He says His beloved is like a gazelle, like a young stag. Isnt that beautiful? The Lover invites the beloved and declares that winter is past, meaning that whatever is frozen is now melting. I like the hymn ‘Holy Spirit Lord of Light’ where the Holy Spirit is invited to melt whatever is frozen and warm whatever is chilled in us. The Lover speaks of flowers and songs and the cooing of turtle-dove, the fig tree forming its first fig and the vines blossoming and giving their fragrance. Isnt that beautiful? It is to this that the Lover says many times ‘COME!’ He calls you ‘My dove’. He says ‘show me your face, let me hear your voice, for your voice is sweet and your face is beautiful’. Wow! Is God really saying that about me, sinful as I am?

To understand this deomance is to understand what Christmas is all about. This deomantic relationship is perfected in the person of Jesus Christ, because in Him, divinity becomes one with humanity. He is fully God and fully human, and it is impossible to separate Jesus who is God from Jesus who is human. This is what we celebrate this christmas. God has visited his people. But why would He do that considering all our sins? Yes, He loves us, even in spite of our sins. This is why in the Gospel, when Mary goes to visit Elizabeth, the child in her womb leapt for joy. Many of us may be leaping for joy but are we doing so for the right reason. Mary is only human, but she carries God in her womb and that is why Elizabeth calls her the most blessed of all women.

When a young woman is being wooed by a young man that she really loves, her joy is great. Do we feel even a greater joy about a God who is so madly in love with us that He doesn’t seem to notice our sins; a God who is so in love with us that He wants to become one of us. No matter how much you love your dog, you will never want to become a dog yourself. If any of us is God, would he/she want to become a human being? We might think it is great to be human, but you wont think so if you are God. Even among us humans, the rich do not want to associate with the poor, yet we are all humans. Now our God did not choose to be come a rich human. He was born in a manger. When you are in love with someone, you don’t care where they come from, where they live, etc. If any of us truly and FULLY understand what is happening at christmas, that person will not wake up on christmas morning, because that person will die of Joy.

The lover invites you His beloved everyday, to confess your sins, to meet Him in the Holy Eucharist, to join Him in His deomantic song, by praying the divine office and chanting psalms to Him. Sometimes I imagine a lover who is so mad about His beloved, while His beloved goes about life, not noticing. Yet, your Lover says to you today ‘You are beautiful’.

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