Yesterday’s gaudate sunday was a very unique one in the sense that it is exactly 9 days to christmas. Those who are familiar with the divine office will know that from the beginning of advent, the antiphons would usually remain the same until we get to the 16th of December and from then on it changes and begin to sound more urgent, in the sense that the Coming of Christ is very near to us. So we are not in the novena for Christmas, which is within the 9 days before Christmass. It is like when the pilot announces ‘we have begun our decent’.

Talking about decent, our first reading is about prophesy for the house of Judah, namely that the scepter shall never depart from Judah. If we read  the gospel, which is the genealogy of Jesus Christ according to Matthew, we will notice that Judah is one of the ancestors of Jesus. Matthew traces the blood-line of Jesus back to Abraham, while Luke traces His blood-line back to Adam. One thing we will notice that already from Adam, things are not perfect. In the ancestory of Jesus we will see names of many great people, but we will also see many names of people with questionable characters.

Nobody is born into a perfect family; not even Jesus. But Just because we are not born into a perfect family does not mean we have to use that as an excuse to mess up our own lives. This is why, no matter the family we are born into, we are still called to the great life of holiness. We are still called to share in the family of the children of God. Do not be afraid. Our duty is not to run away from our family members. You may not like your family but you are born into that family for a reason. Jesus is also born into the human family which is messed up, but He comes to bring redemption. We are all agents of redemption and through us, Christ will be born in the lives of many. One special thing you can do for that family member is to pray a novena. There are many novenas, especially the ones that occur 9 days before any important solemnity or feast, or even memorial. Many testimonies have been reported after novenas. Maybe for that special family member, you may want to pray a christmas novena.

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