Because we are christians, we believe that whatever relatess to Christ also relates to us and whatever concerns Him also concern us. What else does it mean to be a follower of Christ. Being a Christian is not just about keeping a certain set of rules, so much so that you can be saved if you were not a Christian but are still able to keep those rules. Being a Christian is to enter into a unique relationship with Jesus Christ. It is through this relationship that we are able to call God our father, not because God is naturally our father, but because He is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is also through this relationship that we call Mary our mother. This is why when Mary appeared to Juan Diego on December 9th, 1531 at Guadalupe, near Mexico City, she appeared as a pregnant woman. One would wonder if she is still pregnant after many years of giving birth to Christ. Yes! She is still pregnant because she is the mother of all christians. God has used her to bring countless blessings to many around the world. I find it difficult to understand why someone will reject Our Blessed Mother Mary and still call himself a christian. If Jesus is your brother, then Mary has to be your mother because she is the mother of Jesus.

How is it that Mary can be our mother? The same way she became the mother of Jesus. First through the power of God as we see in our first reading today. Isaiah tells us about the power of God to do all things. It is only through the power of God that a virgin can concieve and  give birth to a child and still remain a virgin, and the same virgin is still pregnant and will continue to give birth to many children without loosing her virginity. Mary is the mother of Jesus both physically and spiritually, but she is our spiritual mother.

She loves every christian with the same love she has for her beloeved son. If a woman loves her son dearly, she will also love anybody who has a close relationship with her son, unless she becomes jealous to think she is in competition with someone for her son’s attention. Mary will always point us to Jesus. Just as she said ‘Yes’ in the gospel to the message of the angel, so also does she  say ‘Yes’ to being our spiritual mother. Whenever we pray the angelus at 6 and at 12, we do not only celebrate her acceptance to be the mother of Jesus, but also her acceptance to be the mother of the Church, help of Christians and Mother of divine grace. Let us celebrate the memorial of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Let us celebrate the spiritual motherhood of Mary to us.


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